Do you know your Pork?

The second in the series of  Copperwood Pork’s ‘Making The Cut’ was held this week in sunny Montego Bay. This pork centric two day seminar was designed to educate those in the food industry and pork lovers alike on the importance of knowing where your pork comes from.

The Desk at 13 West Team attended both days which included educational talks, demonstrations and tastings on everything pork. We also got the opportunity to test our knowledge on what we knew or rather thought we knew about the ‘sweetest meat’.

Brand Manager for Copperwood Pork, Tina Hamilton opened the seminar on both days with discussions on the Know Your Pork campaign. Also appearing on the programme was US Soybean Export Consultant Julio Chaves who returned to the second staging of 'Making The Cut' to speak about the meat and also help Tina debunk some common pork myths.

Did you know?

1. How you slaughter counts!

How a pig is slaughtered directly affects how its meat tastes and this is why it is important to ensure that a pig undergoes no trauma when being slaughtered.

2. Statistically, pork is the least consumed meat in Jamaica!

As brand manager for Copperwood Pork, Tina Hamilton explained: Pork has just recently won the hearts of Jamaicans. “Jamaica consumes just about 6.8lbs of pork per capita. This is significantly lower when compared to our Caribbean neighbours Cuba who consumes 52lbs per capita, Trinidad and Tobago consuming 25 lbs per capita and Dominican Republic consuming 26 lbs per capita,” she says.

3. There are so many different ways to incorporate pork for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert!

“If I ask you how to cook chicken, you can tell me over 10 different ways to do it." But, if I ask about pork, you’ll probably just tell me about jerked pork and stewed pork.”

Tina Hamilton, Brand Manager for Copperwood Pork 

At the first staging held in February, Chef Angie Marr showcased her Blood Red Velvet Cake (made with pig’s blood) and also how there are so many ways to incorporate both bacon and other cuts of pork in food to create unusual but delicious pork pairings… Would you try ice-cream with bacon?

4. Leaner may not actually be better!

USSEC consultant, Julio Chaves yesterday spoke to the shift of market demands from lean to now fatty pork. In fact, Chaves noted that the fat has all the flavour. Now there's something to chew on!

5. Not all pork is 'unclean'

How and where the pig is slaughtered significantly affects how the meat tastes and also how ‘clean’ (yes we said it) it is. Location and temperature control is key as so many external elements can contribute to pork meat being 'unfit' for consumption. Tina noted that pigs in Jamaica are normally slaughtered outside and left there for the blood to run out.

"However, outside are flies just looking for a warm place to lay their eggs. Or, insects or even dogs who just want a lick."

Tina Hamilton, brand manager for Copperwood Pork 

These, among others are some of the reasons pork can be labelled as 'unclean'. This underscores the importance of knowing where your pork comes from.

Day 2 of the exciting everything-pork seminar continues today with a special food demonstration by ‘Making The Cut’ guest chef and pork lover, Charlie McKenna who will be giving a rousing tutorial on roasting a pig's head- Chicago-style!

To find out more about the Know Your Pork campaign, visit

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