Highlights: For The Culture

We're still reeling from the experience we had on March 11, when Protojé and the In.Digg.Nation Collective lit up the Hope Gardens Shellband Stand once again and did it 'For The Culture.' Other than a stellar performance from the 'Blxxd Money' singer himself, the lineup saw a host of local acts such as the soulful Sevana, Mortimer, Ras-I, Runkus, NoMadzz and more. Missed it? Don't worry, we have the hookup with beautiful photo highlights from the night:

Protojé leads patrons in a sing along to one of his hits.

Local artiste Royal Blu greets Ras-I as they come together on stage for a collaboration.

Local crooner Mortimer came in to 'Nice up Di Scene'.

The crowd was tuned in as the soulful Sevana started to 'Chant It'.

We surely became Lila Iké's #BIGGESTFAN after her performance

Photo Credits-Click his page for more photos from For The Culture:

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