Dear Parish Managers,

As you all may be aware, 'Jamaica Moves' was officially launched in Kingston on April 7, 2017 and now the time has come to bring the movement to your parish!

The overall objective of this campaign is to raise awareness on non communicable diseases while promoting the benefits 30 minutes of exercise and proper nutrition have on reducing an individuals risk of developing one in order to effect behavioural change. Additionally, we would like to use Jamaica Moves as an official hub for activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and make the information public through our media partners and social media sites.

With that said, we are kindly asking if you can review the proposed schedules in order to let us know the month and date we will be able to host a Jamaica Moves event in your parish. Each event, will follow a similar format to the launch however, we are open to ideas you believe will work best.

Included in each event are education (health screenings & consultations) as well as engagement (physical activity & entertainment), however, we want to be able to have follow up activities in the community in order to sustain activity.

If you currently have events on your calendar of activities that you believe will fit into the overall goals of Jamaica Moves we are kindly asking if these can be shared.

Look forward to working with you and thank you in advance!

Information Needed

-Proposed Date

-Proposed Location

-Preferred method of advertising

-Suggested local talent

-Suggested local partners and suppliers

Proposed Event Format

-Run/ Walk - 6:30am - 8:30am

-Health Screenings &Consultations - 12pm - 7pm

- Activities & Entertainment - 4Pm - 7pm

Event Requirements

- Large outdoor space to facilitate tents

- Parking for screening trucks

- Large space for stage set up & audience engagement

- Easily accessible by the public

Proposed Locations

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 1.59.46 PM.png
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