A Bucket List For The Jamaican Summer

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Summer officially begins today and coming with all the free time and fun will be...THE HEAT. It’s expected to be one of the hottest summers ever with temperatures likely to hit the 90s. So what can you look forward to doing this summer in Jamaica without running the risk of dying of heat stroke? Need some ideas? Here’s a list of our summer 2017 must-dos:

Hike the Blue Mountain

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While many of us don’t have the luxury (or stamina) to make it across the globe to hike the likes of Mount Everest or Kilimanjaro, the Blue Mountains have been said to be one of Jamaica’s hidden treasures. The hike, which could take way over 9 hours to get to the peak, might prove challenging for some to make it to the top but the cool air and the spectacular views will be worth the hike.


Dining at L’Escargot

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Most of the ladies are working on their summer bodies for bikini season but there are a special few (let’s hear it for the foodies) who are always looking out for great new places to chow down on some really good food. Just a little over an hour out of Kingston, L’Escargot is Jamaica’s newest French restaurant, located on Main Street, Runaway Bay. With french staples like escargot and Coq Au Vin, you can feel as if you have traveled to the European country without having to go too far.


Go to Reggae Sumfest

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Reggae Sumfest was once an international stage show featuring the likes of well known artists like Lionel Richie, Usher and Lil Wayne but the organisers have changed the concept to give patrons the opportunity for a show that is uniquely Jamaican. Now dubbed ‘Sumfest Our Music Our Festival’, it features an all Jamaican lineup for locals and visitors to see some of Jamaica’s best entertainers in concert. Killing two birds with one stone, you can enjoy the summer freedom while getting the all Jamaican experience.


Zip-lining at Mystic Mountain

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Going zip-lining at Mystic Mountain would definitely make your heart race as you are so high up in the air with feelings and thoughts about falling rushing through your mind. But that fear is nothing compared to calming effect of the glorious view of Jamaica that you will get once you are up there. Looking out and over our beautiful island when up in the air gives you a sense of satisfaction that, well, staying on the ground just couldn’t give.

Swimming with Dolphins

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You might not know it but everyone loves dolphins! So why not go swimming with them then? Dolphin’s Cove gives that unique and exhilarating experience of not just seeing these beautiful creatures up close but to also swim around with them, taking those cute photos for Instagram while you are at it. Plus, in this heat, it does not hurt to jump into some water to cool down.


Climbing Dunn’s River Falls

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Here is another opportunity to escape the heat. Climbing Dunn’s River Falls would be a great idea to have fun while cooling down in the frigid river water of this enormous river. Made slippery because of all the moss and algae on the rocks, it will be an adventure trying to get to the top without falling, wouldn’t it?

Touching the Bottom of Blue Lagoon

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Seems like we’re obsessed with water, must be the heat! Blue lagoon is Jamaica’s largest lagoon and to be able to say that you’ve touched the bottom would be an exciting and interesting story to tell at the end of summer, wouldn’t it? Although it may be frightening, as there is a myth about a dragon lurking there it is doubtful that you would be pestered by a dragon while enjoying your time challenging yourself to get to the bottom.

Go Surfing

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I doubt you already know how to surf so you’ll definitely be learning something new this summer. That’s good, right? Surfing is challenging but also a very interesting sport to learn. It could be extremely fun and thrilling to ride the aqua blue waves in the ocean of our beautiful island Jamaica and since we are obsessed with water activities this summer, why not?

Get a Short Hair Cut

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Who even wants to have long hair in this heat anyways? Considering how hot it is going to be this summer, now you have a perfect excuse to get that nice pixie cut you’ve been thinking about since 2010.

Rafting Down the Rio Grande

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Nothing beats going river rafting down the Rio Grande in a bamboo raft surrounded by the natural habitat. You can also take a break and cool off and have a swim in the river.

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