Campion Alumni Awards New Scholarship

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The Campion College Alumni Association (CCAA) awarded its first ever CCAA Pay It Forward Scholarship to Gehvon Henry. The scholarship valued at over $2 Million dollars will pay 100% of his tuition for the last three years of his medical studies at the University of the West Indies until he completes his medical degree. The presentation was made at the 5th form graduation ceremony on Thursday, June 29. He will also be provided with all the necessary medical equipment by Dental & Medical Supplies Limited, a medical supplies company headed by Sean Morgan, former President of CCAA.

The initial scholarship was funded by Campion Alumni Brian, Robert and Peter Hew as well as their brother-in-law David Chang. In accepting the scholarship, an emotional Gehvon stated that he has so much to be thankful for and that he is so happy because he appreciates how long and hard his parents worked to get him this far. Gehvon was selected based on a strong recommendation by Grace Baston, the principal, and then interviewed by the scholarship committee.

The Pay It Forward Scholarship is designed to help fund the tertiary education of Campionites who have an outstanding academic record, are excellent students, and have some financial need. All recipients are expected to contribute to the scholarship fund ten years after completing their academic programme. This will allow the fund to grow and assist future generations of Campion graduates. The CCAA hopes to award one of these scholarships every year going forward.

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