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Ladies and gents, the 2018 JMA EXPO has come and gone. The sights, the sounds and let’s not even get started on the aromas coming from the food court (we are still smelling those Bad Dawgs #Yum) were all a part of what made this year’s staging one to remember. Did you attend and if you did then you can agree that the best Jamrock had to offer was on full display? From cocktails care of Appleton Estate and Rumbar (for those of us who imbibe every now and then) to the artsy designs of Baughaus- Jamaica was truly on display. Speaking of display, while we did have a hand in some booths, we absolutely loved the work and creativity that was displayed with many. Can you blame us though, creativity is in our blood! While the products got a lot of love, we wanted to give some love to the booths that housed them so much so that we put together this list of our top picks from the EXPO. Without any further ado, here are our picks (in no order, obviously). ENJOY!

1.     Topp In Designz

The first stop for many of the UPT set, Topp In Designz’s booth was the definition of #DoingTheMost… but in the best way possible. The cute and catchy designs on their totes, fanny packs and even cards had us wishing that they were giving away samples, but alas all items were for sale and yeah, they were selling! We will take a ‘Duh Road’ wristlet in every colour and style please and thanks!

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While this booth didn’t get much foot traffic, it was a standout on the upper deck of the EXPO. The design is sleek and chic, think designer showroom or high-end boutique – it just read lux okay. JAMPRO, while a departure from some of the other booths on this list, aesthetically was a #MOOD.

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3.     Aryton Distributors

Oiled up body builders, complimentary back massages and lotions and body oils to try out and take home? Sign us up! Trying to move past this booth proved near impossible on Saturday and Sunday thanks to Arytons Distrubutor and their new Coco Glow range of oils and body butters. Ladies, grab a snack or glass of wine and try not to lick the screen.

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4.     Appleton Estate

Rum tastings, a fully stocked bar and enough room for everyone mix and mingle, the Appleton Estate super booth was our pic for best booth. With a shift from focusing on the product to the newly renovated and revamped Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience (formerly the AE Rum Tour), it was the most sophisticated booth but what else would you expect from the brand that boasts the best distiller.com 2017 Rum of the Year?

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5.     Baughaus

Some brands when ham on their décor and did the absolute most (even if it looked a hot mess #SorryNotSorry) and some Baughaus did the absolute opposite. Décor done properly on a displayed in such a minimalistic way that you felt drawn to the booth. Take note guys, this is a prime example of letting your work speak for itself.

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6.     Rumbar/ Worthy Park

Staying true to their slogan, Rumbar raised the bar. So much so that many patrons, in typical yardie style, quite literally rushed the bar from early as 11:00 am each day and unlike another booth in their field they never ran out of stock or cups. In between sips of cocktails made with their revamped White Over Proof Rum we played a game of French and rubbed elbows with some very interesting characters. Let’s all raise a toast to the Digicel JMA Expo Booth with “WOW” Factor recipient for 2018. We will drink to that!

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7.     Copperwood

Did someone say pork? Yes? Okay, we just wanted to make sure. Winners of the Most Informative Booth, Copperwood ensured that we all were fully aware of the process from farm to store. We appreciated the fully interactive and informative guided tour and let’s just say we can forgive them for not offering us any samples to whet our appetites as the offerings at the food court was well worth the splurge.

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8.     Home Choice

Now this was the booth that most persons were buzzing about, and the organizers took note, so much so that they copped 2 of the top awards; Best New Product and the Buy Jamaica Spirit award. The Pepper Shrimp Soup made from their new mix saw many patrons going back for seconds and thirds. Home Choice was another booth that allowed the product to shine and it worked well in their favour.

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9.     B&D Trawling

B&D Trawling, B&D Trawling, B&D Trawling! In our eyes the best overall booth. They took over the EXPO with their mermaids, sea captains and sailors roaming the floor and inviting all to come join in the fun at their nautical themed section on the upper deck. With fresh seafood prepared on sight a mini lounge for tired patrons to sit and relax and a virtual reality simulator for all to enjoy we have no qualms about them being dubbed the Most Interactive Booth.

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10.     Spanish Grain Store

Long lines to sample the fare greeted all who visited the Spanish Grain Store Booth and even Dutty Berry can see why. Was it worth the wait, um yes! Memories of that chicken alfredo still lingers. Yum! The look and feel of the booth remined us of being on a farm or ranch in the best way possible.

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11.  Jamaica Tourism Board (JTB)

Its rustic chic and walking by (located just across the way from JAMPRO) this gem also didn’t get the love we think it deserved. If this booth was a person she’d be that girl that can hang with the boys but is always down for girls’ night out!

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