Markets: A reasonable source for healthy eating

Eating healthy can be hard for any number of reasons, especially during the festive season, but one sure way to incorporate healthier options into your diet is to go to the market where there is a wide array of fruits, vegetables and legumes to choose from. That said, Jamaica Moves is encouraging Jamaicans to eat healthy from their local markets, in a series of market pop-ups.

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The first stop was at the Old Harbour Market where the Jamaica Moves team, along with the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton walked through the market to share the benefits of buying local produce.

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“When you go to a market to buy produce you not only support local farmers but you get first pick of some of the best fruits and vegetables that are in season - which is the best time to buy because when they’re in season that means, they often cost less,” shared Account Executive, Davida-Mae Chambers.

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And with options such as watermelon, lime and tomatoes to pumpkin, scotch bonnet peppers and gungo peas helping to create the virtual rainbow of healthy food options in the stalls, the programme set out to remind sellers and buyers alike to eat healthily.

It is generally recommended that to make up a healthy meal, half of the dish should be vegetables and it was an opportune time to encourage Jamaicans to use the options available in the very same markets where they shop to access and enjoy healthier foods. 

Setting an example himself, Dr. Tufton purchased several items, at one point noticing a large batch of fresh ginger, he said, “Ginger from Jamaica is the best there is.”

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In addition, he and the team greeted market goers with Jamaica Moves reusable shopping bags and and gifted vendors with aprons.

The Jamaica Moves Campaign aims to promote wellness and the affordability of healthy eating and encourages more Jamaicans to buy local produce while on their health journey. Proper Nutrition & Eating Healthy takes planning and effective purchases and investing in your health! It’s one of the best things you can do to ensure a healthier, longer life.

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