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Pepsi Cola Jamaica (PCJ) has announced 50 winners in their “Helping the Hustle” Initiative which was launched to help bridge the gap between income loss and keeping small businesses open amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Winners will receive a donation of products from Pepsi. 

And among the winners is single mother of 6, Nicole Miller, whose perseverance helped her secure what  she calls “some much needed assistance” to get back on track financially. 

She, like many other Jamaicans had fallen on hard times due to the pandemic when the initiative was launched in September. Those who had lost their jobs or had to close their small businesses were invited to submit their stories on why they needed assistance during these challenging times for a chance to win. 

For Nicole, who has her children, one of whom has special needs, and her mother depending on her, it was just the kind of programme she needed. So when she heard about the promotion after the deadline for submission had passed, she still applied. 

“I had to try for my children and my mother.” She said. And it was that determination that impacted the PCJ team.  

The determined mother said she plans to use the recently built vending stall to help her provide for her family. 

Nicole received cases of product from Pepsi Cola as well as branded material to outfit her stall so that she could immediately begin to earn. She shared that this donation could not have come at a better time as her children have no access to online classes due to lack of internet and a tablet. “This will help me to earn the money to get my children back on track with school especially my daughter who is in grade 11 and my son who is very smart and has the potential to be something in life.”

Pepsi’s Brand Manager Ever-Gaye Style-Morris said, “ These are the stories that we wanted to be a part of, stories that will not only change the lives of the shop owners but people around them. It was inspiring to see that even though Nicole has a lot happening, she is trying her hardest to make life better for herself and people depending on her.  We at Pepsi are glad that we could have helped her, we wish her nothing but the best”.

Morris further shared “though we only had 50 recipients, these recipients have families and friends that they also support, so we know this donation far exceeds these 50 recipients”. It’s also a way for us to continue building our relationship with the people who have supported our products since Pepsi’s introduction, Pepsi Cola, as our branding says we are proud Jamaicans. We are 100% proud of our people and happy to help them wherever we can to be more resilient”

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