5 Benefits of Regular Check-Ups

Everyone is busy from time to time. There’s school, that demanding new job, desperately trying to get that promotion, fitting in time for friends and family and endless other pursuits that fill our days each year.

But in the midst of all that, do you make it your duty to fit in a doctor's visit, even when you're not sick? Many of us wait until we’re ‘near death’s door’ before we consider seeing a doctor, but doing so regularly has 5 life-altering benefits for our overall health and leaves us roaring and ready to get right back to those activities we love.

It’s a good way to get to know and stay on top of your health. Every new visit to your doctor helps to build a solid relationship between you both. Over time it builds good communication and understanding - something you’ll definitely need to get the best care for your health and wellness. You’ll start to notice the patterns - maybe your heartbeat is always fast or your weight is steadily climbing - after a few visits the doctor will notice too.  

Prevention, prevention, prevention! “Prevention is better than cure” is more than just a saying. And let’s face it, bodies grow old, they change,  things go wrong and we may not always know it. But this is where the doctor comes in. Think about that once a year pap-smear or something as simple as checking your blood pressure. These are the kinds of routine exams that a doctor will use to instruct you on what to do and change in your everyday life to prevent bigger health issues like cervical cancer and high blood pressure. Just remember, doctor’s visits aren’t just for ‘sick people’ and if you don’t already, now is the time to pencil that check up into your schedule. 

Regular doctor’s visits are one step closer to a longer life. Let’s face it, life happens, people age and our bodies change. We can’t always prevent sickness but regular visits find problems early and that can literally save your life. It saves you money too. The later a health issue is addressed, the more likely it is to be expensive to cure - if it can be cured at all. Consider that Jamaica Moves shared that 40-50% of Jamaicans living with diseases like diabetes don't know that they have it. These are things that can be detected early and managed and all it takes is a regular visit to the doctor. 

Get to know your health risks. As we age our bodies and minds operate differently and we’re more likely to develop certain health issues. Routine doctor’s visits help paint a picture of how your lifestyle, family history and environment impact you now and how they may impact you in future.Think of it this way, if you know that based on your age, family history or diet, you’re 10 times more likely than the next person to get breast or prostate cancer, you’re better off you’ll be to care, prevent and treat those things early. It’s all about being in the know so that you may continue to live your best life. 

And finally, regular check ups  give you concrete answers and some peace of mind.

Be honest, how many of us are quick to Google our symptoms and self-medicate? If you find yourself doing that, and you’ve waited or avoided the doctor for years, it’s time for a change. As Jamaicans, yes, we love our natural and home remedies but remember to consult the experts, especially when an issue persists. And importantly develop that relationship and communicate your fears and concerns, it will only make a happier, healthier you. 

Take charge of your health, living a healthy lifestyle can start simply with eating healthy, getting exercise and seeing a doctor at least once per year. 

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