CIDESCO Certification: A Step in the Right Direction for Postsecondary Learners

(From left) Tania Hume, Marie Hall Smith and Yvonne Foster, Beauty Therapy Educators at The Face Place Institute of Aesthetics.jpg
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(From left) Tania Hume, Marie Hall Smith and Yvonne Foster, Beauty Therapy Educators at The Face Place Institute of Aesthetics

The Face Place Institute recently held its first public event since attaining CIDESCO training school status. Scores of Jamaicans tuned into the live webinar entitled “Cidesco Certification: A Step in the Right Direction for Postsecondary Learners” to learn more about the new certifications and how that can impact opportunities for individuals and businesses in Jamaica. 

The event was a phenomenal success with the express support of Mrs. Carole Rose Brown, Director of the Jamaica Centre for Tourism Innovation and with the contributions of the speakers: Business Development Officer of CIDESCO International, Jacquiline Kennedy, Chairman, the Health and Wellness Committee of the Tourism Linkages Network, Kyle Mais, Spa Educator, Sherrie Tennessee, and Standards Development Officer of the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), Karen Gayle. 

Of a number of messages throughout the hour and a half long virtual event, the speakers, all of whom have varied expertise, spoke highly of the achievement of attaining Cidesco training school status and the potential for individual and business development in the tourism and human capital sectors - something that the Institute hold just as dearly as the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF).

Ms. Karen Gayle in her presentation at the event commended The Face Place Institute for adhering to and promoting the national qualifications framework, and more specifically supporting the upward mobility of spa sector workers and advancing that workforce through offering short term courses from CIDESCO International.

In addition, Sherrie Tennessee who has a history of working in the Jamaican spa industry and is in the process of completing a PhD in hospitality and wellness, shared a number of global industry statistics. 

Among those statistics and trends, was a rise in the demand for wellness tourism and more thoughtful and technologically engaged spa experiences around the world. From her presentation where she demonstrated a steady increase in global spa revenues, it became clear that attaining CIDESCO certification - the highest and most prestigious in the global spa and beauty therapy industry - is indeed the direction to go for local stakeholders. 

Notably, Mr. Kyle Mais, who also joined the discussion as an interested stakeholder in the tourism industry with first hand knowledge of the importance of accreditation and certification, commended The Face Place in its offering of international training models and certification through CIDESCO. 

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He said, “I found that certification is some of the best assets for providing customers with a guarantee of quality and it demonstrates that our procedures are best practice. It instills trust in our customers, suppliers, shareholders and partners, and last but not least, helps to strengthen our position in the market. For these reasons I am a big advocate for standardization and certification such as the comprehensive offerings of CIDESCO.”

The webinar was a  key first step in introducing the concept of CIDESCO training and certification for the benefit of the local spa sector’s global competitiveness, and in preparedness for the kinds of global demands for high standards in the expected post-COVID tourism boom. 

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