Pepsi Cola pon di road fi Carnival !

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Kingston, Jamaica: Pepsi Cola Jamaica (PCJ) is excited to announce that it is the official beverage partner for the 2023 staging of Xodus and Yardmas Carnival, including their lead-up events.

In making the announcement, PCJ Brand Coordinator, Yanique Dawkins, said, “The company's decision to sponsor the carnival bands was a no-brainer as we have always supported any event that promotes Jamaican culture and brings people together through the love of music”.

With brands Pepsi, Tropicana and Ocean Spray at the forefront, attendees can look forward to exciting drink mixes and even giveaways through the various social media platforms.

“We are thrilled to bring our brands to the forefront of the Jamaican soca scene through this partnership with Xodus and Yardmas – two of the leading carnival bands. As a company, we believe in supporting culture and at these fetes we are merging refreshment and entertainment together to create an even more memorable experience for the patrons,” she continued.

Pepsi is promising to provide a one of a kind experience for patrons, and Dawkins has hinted that it will even be introducing the Pepsi Pop Up Food Truck on Carnival Day.

The Jamaica Carnival Road March is on April 16, 2023 and is one of the most sought after events on the social calendar, even causing an influx of visitors to the island from all over the world.

Yard Mas and Xodus Carnival events take place from April 8 -17.

Xodus Events:

● Xodus Tailgate - Thursday, April 13

● Xodus Remedy - Saturday, April 15

● Xodus Road March - Sunday, April 16

Yard Mas Events:

● Yard Mas Road March - Sunday, April 16

● Yard Mas Beach Lyme - Monday, April 17

Other Pepsi Cola Ja sponsored events:

● Festival of Floats - Saturday, April 8

● I love Soca - Easter Monday & Easter Wednesday

● Kes & the Band Live - Thursday, April 13

● Soca Brainwash - Friday, April 14

● Sunnation Breakfast Party - Saturday, April 15

● Wi Fete - Saturday April 15


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Pepsi Cola Jamaica Brand Coordinator Yanique Dawkins

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