Pepsi Cola Jamaica launches new HR platform.

Pepsi Cola Jamaica (PCJ) has launched a new human resource (HR) virtual assistant, AVI.

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Pepsi Cola Jamaica HR Specialist Jaquelin Bolanos explains to Damion Thompson, Compliance and Control Chief, and Garnett Samuels, Maintenance Technician, how to access and use AVI.

AVI will facilitate 24-hour HR assistance to all PCJ employees with ease and convenience. 

PCJ’s HR Manager, Chantelle Richards, said, “The PCJ plant is open 24/7; however, not all employees work 24/7… so if someone needs an answer, let’s say on the weekend, then they don’t have to wait until Monday for an HR personnel to respond”.

However, with AVI, employees can have round-the-clock HR support.

Employees can access the virtual assistant via WhatsApp by adding the number or scanning a barcode sent to staff as a weekly reminder of how to access the platform.

“We will load AVI with frequently asked questions, others we have predicted, and the related responses. Each person will be prompted to enter their work ID number so AVI will know exactly who it is talking to,” Richards explained.

“... however, if the query is unresolved, then the individual will be instructed to visit an HR representative for further assistance,” she continued.   

PCJ hosted a lunch treat for its staff on Friday (May 5), to officially introduce them to the platform. 

“Today's lunch activities are all about allowing everyone to understand in depth what AVI is and how to use it. Of course, music and food is here and we even brought the Pepsi Food Truck that has been creating a buzz on the scene lately,” Richards said.

The Human Resources Manager emphasised that the aim of the virtual assistant is not to eliminate the ‘human’ aspect of the department but to grant around-the-clock assistance.

“In an evolving digital world, no matter where or how we work, technology continues to play a vital role. User-friendly automation provides us with  the ability to address all our staff as well as with more time to brainstorm strategies that will move the business and its employees forward,” Richards said.

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Pepsi Cola Jamaica employees can access the virtual assistant AVI via WhatsApp by adding the number or scanning a barcode. AVI will facilitate 24-hour HR assistance to all PCJ employees easily and conveniently. 

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