CB Group Launches Major Solar Power Initiative to Propel Sustainable Agriculture in Jamaica

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CB Group, a leader in sustainable agriculture throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean, celebrated the successful launch of its "Power Up" initiative at Peninsula Farms, Banbury, Linstead, St. Catherine. This project introduced state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic power plants across four of the company's major sites, showcasing CB Group's ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The event featured remarks from The Hon. Floyd Green, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, and a keynote address by The Hon. Daryl Vaz, Minister of Science, Energy, and Technology. Both underscored the importance of sustainable agriculture practices and technology's role in advancing Jamaica's energy self-sufficiency.

Initiated in partnership with Soleco Energy (Jamaica) Limited in 2021, the "Power Up" project reached completion at the end of 2023. The installations collectively add 2.1 MWdc, substantially reducing dependency on traditional energy sources at the following locations:

- CB Foods Cold Storage Distribution Centre, Freetown: 1.1 MWp

- Peninsula Hatchery & Farms, Linstead: 0.30 MWp

- Newport Mills, Kingston: 0.50 MWp

- Caribbean Hatchery, Old Harbour: 0.2 MWp

With the successful completion of the 'Power Up' project, CB Group's total network production has now reached 3.8 MW, solidifying its position as Jamaica's largest corporate producer of renewable energy. This achievement is not just a testament to CB Group's commitment to sustainability, but also a practical step towards reducing its environmental impact. By replacing approximately 20% of its energy consumption with solar power, CB Group is making significant strides in the fight against climate change, demonstrating the economic viability of renewable energy solutions.

Matthew Lyn, CEO of CB Group, emphasized the 'Power Up' initiative as a pivotal moment in the company's sustainability journey. “This proactive response to the challenges of rising food production costs and climate change is a testament to CB Group's pioneering spirit in sustainable development”. Mr. Lyn expressed hope that this initiative would inspire similar projects in the Caribbean agricultural and energy sectors, further solidifying CB Group's commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Angella Rainford, CEO of Soleco, also commented on the collaboration, "Soleco is pleased to have been selected by CB Group to be their partner in its deployment of solar PV across four of their facilities. The aggregate 2.1MWp solar installation is the largest in Jamaica completed by any industrial group to date and one of the largest in the Caribbean region. This project showcases Soleco's pioneering business model to provide solar and energy storage expertise to companies in the region and our firm commitment to achieving sustainability goals."

CB Group has been at the forefront of agricultural innovation for over forty years. It is known for its quality products and services in animal genetics, nutrition, and integrated feed and food production. The Group's commitment to sustainability is evident through its popular consumer brands, CB Chicken, Copperwood Pork, Caribbean Passion, Bad Dawg, Chippenham Eggs and Smart Eggs, and its livestock feeds, Nutramix, Front Runner and True Pet Foods.

Established in 2019, Soleco Energy Limited focuses on developing power projects for commercial and industrial clients across the Caribbean. It played a key role in developing the Paradise Park project, the largest solar plant in the English-speaking Caribbean. It has been involved in several other notable projects, showcasing its extensive experience and expertise in renewable energy.

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