Rockin' Your Roots

IN PHOTO: African-print tops designed by Jamaican designer Monique Jones, for her line Momo Penelli.

Growing up in the cultural village of Accompong Town, St. Elizabeth, our dress has been an important part of how we identify as Maroons. Though on a regular day we sport our jeans and T-shirt, when it comes on to tradition ceremonies such as our January 6th celebration, many Maroons are seen decked out in their traditional Maroon wear.

Western societies have found ways of incorporating African prints into trendy fashion items that we’ve now made part of our wardrobe. Whether it is Ankara or Kente, men and women have found a way to rock these African prints with existing items in their closets.

Last November, Designer Carlton Brown lit the Collection MODA runway with his well tailored and attention-to-detail mens wear that were all inspired by African prints. The love for Afrocentric things can also be found in the works of young fashion designer Monique Jones, with her brand Momo Penelli. Her works can be seen on artistes such as Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid and Sevana. Similarly, the ever fashionable King of the Dancehall, Beenie Man has made Brown’s designs his own and have rocked some of his pieces, the most recent being at Magnum Live Concert and Rebel Salute 2017.

Here are some ways you can rock your african prints and still look trendy:

To Brunch

You’ve missed breakfast and one of your ‘gal pals’ decides to take you out for brunch, a solid T-shirt or a button down shirt paired with a mini, flared or maxi African print skirt is the perfect outfit for this occasion.

Friday Evening Outing

It’s Friday and you are in no hurry to rush home after work. Your favourite chill spot is just a few minutes from the office. You’re already dressed in your perfect pair of jeans, the only thing missing is that African Print Crop Top

Business Meeting

You’ve got a big pitch to make at work or a corporate event to attend. Enter the room looking sophisticated with an African Print pants. This you can be paired with a basic top and a jacket.

Girls Night Out

Turn Down for What? Make a statement when you step out by turning your African print look ‘all the way up’. Rompers or Jumpsuits have become increasingly popular among African prints and is a comfy, cozy look for a perfect Girl’s Night Out.

Girly Girl

If you’re the “girly girl” type then beauty lies in a well fitted African print dress. Cut at whatever length you wish and accentuating the beauty of  your body, you will most definitely be noticeable when you walk into a room, giving you the Michelle Obama effect.

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