‘Blood Money’ Run Jamaica - Protoje

“Mi nah watch nuh face, beg nuh more pardon, A nuff drugs money deh a Cherry Gardens…”  


Reggae artiste Oje Ken Ollivierre, popularly known as Protoje, did not hold his tongue in his latest single, Blood Money. In the politically - charged, no holds bar attack on the socio - economic inequality that permeates Jamaican society, Protoje ventured into the world of corruption and criminality, this time, in “uptown Jamaica”.

“Police cancel operation, cause nuh real badman nuh guh station. Now if you check the situation, a blood money run the nation” Protoje said while highlighting the various aspects of corruption and prejudice in high places.

Echoing the sentiments of many Jamaicans at home and abroad, businessman and freed “X-6 Murder” suspect, Patrick Powell, was not to be spared in the entertainer’s lyrical onslaught. Powell, who in October 2016 was found not guilty of the 2011 murder of 17-year-old Kingston College student, Khajeel Mais, was the target of Protoje’s wrath. Laden with sarcasm, Protoje said, “Was ‘bout to buy a X-6 ennuh, maybe then I neva have to be a prisoner. Maybe then I coulda not turn in my firearm, police couldn’t come remand, come in like mi run an army.”

Protoje’s lyrical onslaught continued, this time targeting Gordon House and the politicians within. Referencing the highly publicized Finsac scandal, Protoje reflects on how politicians were not held accountable for the disappearance of millions of dollars. “Was about to be a politician too, Maybe then I coulda make any decision too. Maybe then I coulda make $100 million disappear then mi act like mi nuh care…”

The In.Digg.Nation Collective and Overstand Entertainment produced single also looked at the health ministry’s recent “Dead Babies” scandal and the 2010 Tivoli Gardens police/military invasion. Protoje is also popular for tracks such as “Rasta Love” and  ‘Who Knows’ with fellow Reggae artiste, Chronixx.  

“Nuff politician tek di donation, so nuff criminals will neva see a station. Neva see a cell not even a courthouse, but a every Sunday dem teck dem boat out.”


Listen to Protoje's Blood Money Here:

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