Beat and Teach - Fashion Lessons from the YVA’s

Class is in session and you are about to get a lesson from the "Young, Hot and Hypeness" that walked the YVA’s red carpet. Jamaica’s very own Grammy's celebrating the best there is in the local entertainment industry, The Youth View Awards (YVA’s) was held last Saturday at the National Indoor Sports Center in Kingston and fashion was high up on the curriculum.

Some people got it right and got their star, while some might have to repeat a grade. Either way, here are ten of the fashion hits from the Youth View Awards 2017:


Beaten by the Gods and sent out to slay, Yendi did not come to take prisoners. As the host of the show, Yendi changed outfits at least three times (slaying all of them, by the way) but for the purpose of this list, let’s just focus on the gorgeousness that walked the red carpet. Draped in a sleek slit-gown which perfectly accentuated her slender, yet curvy frame, showing off the right amount of her perfect skin, Yendi was the one to beat. Her simple, yet fierce, makeup was a sight for sore eyes. Let’s just present her with the “Queen of the Carpets” award and keep it moving.

Lesson: Pay attention to your body type and skin colour and ensure your outfit compliments both.


Bella, Bella, Bella!! We likeee!! Hot on the heels of the gorgeousness she displayed at Bob Marley’s 72nd birthday celebration two weeks ago, Bella’s slayage was evident on the YVA’s red carpet. Rocking a very daring Dana Edwards Designs dodger-blue double slit dress, Bella was serving royalty with a side order of fierceness.

Lesson: If the dress is already giving the sermon, then your shoes don’t need to preach. It is always safer to pair a daring and bold dress with a much simpler footwear.


Can we just have a standing ovation for the royalty that is Nadine Sutherland? Simply elegant was the name of her game and she was just that in this light gold thigh-high slit gown, paired with a metallic belt and simple, yet absolutely georgeous makeup. Yaaas, lady Nadine.

Lesson: Simplicity slays. We all want to go hard or we'd stay home but sometimes we just need to slay, simply. It can work too.


The man who would later be named Male Fashion Icon of the year, Quite Perry simply slayed. In paying homage to Black History Month, Quite Perry went back to his roots, all the way up to his cornrow hairstyle. The jury is still out on that hairstyle, by the way. Rocking a stunning African print getup, Quite Perry showed Jamaicans just why he was voted 2016 male fashion icon.  Quite Perry was styled by popular Jamaican designer, Dexter “3D” Pottinger.

Lesson: When making a fashion statement, ensure you make it well. Half-statements won’t work.


“A Shensea!” Voted Jamaica’s Breakout Celebrity of the Year, Shensea was kicking down barriers in this double slit gown. (PS. Were slit gowns a part of the required dress code, hmmm?). This white getup, showing just the right amount of skin, was perfect for the slayage required to grace the YVA’s red carpet. Along with the Breakout Celebrity of the Year award, Shensea copped the award for Young, Hot and Hype (Female) of the year and Favourite Music Collab for ‘Loodi’ with Vybz Kartel.  

Lesson: White works! White is not reserved for your wedding day. A white gown can do wonders, if you wear it well, and pair it with just the right footwear to make it pop.


Yaaaas Shanzi! More proof that the YVA’s and Jamaican populace got it right, this hottie was later awarded the YVA for the Female Fashion Icon of the year. The University of the West Indies Marketing Student was letting it all lay in this gold ensemble. But, did you peep that gorgeous diamond shaped gold bag? Yaaaas, Shanzi!

Lesson: Never be afraid to stop traffic. If you want to be bold, then be bold.


We are officially adding celebrity fashionista to the bio of Gospel Artiste, Kevin Downswell. In this sleek white blazer paired with a pair of light pink (yes we said pink) pants and matching bow tie, Kevin Downswell surely had us at "Amen". Even if Kevin Downswell had not won favourite Gospel Artiste, he would still have won best dressed male on the red carpet for us. Peep the pocket square, though!

Lesson: Don’t be fooled, colours are not gender-specific. Wear any colour, well.


The intense co-host was serving all sorts of simple “intensity” in this floor length black and gold item. High pony tail and all, Ashley showed everyone how to be simple, elegant and classy, all while engaging in the latest fashion trends. Her makeup could have given her face more structure but, oh well, that did not take anything away from the slayage of that gorgeous dress.

Lesson: Let your outfit do the talking. To achieve a simple and elegant look, sometimes you just need to close the jewelry chest.


Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate a man of God in a well tailored dark green suit? Yes, Chozenn, we are talking about you. From the aristocratic look of the dark green to the golden pocket square, let’s just say, Chozenn was among the chosen few on the YVA’s red carpet (see what I did there?).

Lesson: Suits need to be properly tailored. Regardless of style or colour, if a suit does to fit your body, you will look a hot mess, mark my words.


The “Intense” duo did not come to play with you...let’s just leave that there. Everything about “Intense” co-host Talia Soares was beguiling, from the hair swept to the right, to the striking red lips and then add the gold and black ensemble. Can you imagine when the light hit that dress? Just amazing!

Lesson: Red lipstick can work miracles. Maybe not miracles, but red lips can really add elegance and class to a look.

So, we hope you were taking notes. Thigh-high slits and gold ensembles were the the raves on the YVA's red carpet. We couldn’t feature everyone on this list but there was definitely more “slay-ation” happening at last weekend’s YVA’s.

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